BRIG. GEN. DEVIN R. PEPPER is deputy director of the Strategy, Plans and Policy Directorate (DJ5), United States Space Command. He is responsible for developing military strategies, issuing strategic guidance, planning military campaigns and contingency operations, and formulating policy in support of combatant commanders’ responsibilities outlined in the Unified Command Plan. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1989 and received his commission through the Officer Training School in 1996. He is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Weapons School (Space Superiority Squadron) and has commanded at the squadron, group, Air Force wing and Space Force garrison levels. Prior to his current position, he was commander of Buckley Garrison at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado.  Featured on Page 24

U.S. NAVY ADM. CHARLES “CHAS” A. RICHARD is the commander of United States Strategic Command and is responsible for the global command and control of U.S. strategic forces. He graduated with honors from the University of Alabama in 1982 before earning master’s degrees with honors from Catholic University of America and the Naval War College. He recently served as commander of Submarine Forces in Norfolk, Virginia. Other flag assignments included deputy commander, U.S. Strategic Command; director of undersea warfare at the Pentagon; deputy commander of Joint Functional Component Command for Global Strike at U.S. Strategic Command; and commander of Submarine Group 10 in Kings Bay, Georgia.  Featured on Page 28

SAROSH BANA is the executive editor of Business India in Mumbai; regional editor, Indo-Pacific region of Germany’s Naval Forces journal; and the India correspondent for the Sydney-based cybersecurity journal Asia Pacific Security Magazine. His work focuses on defense and security, cybersecurity, international affairs, policy and strategy, space, power and energy, and environment and conservation. He studied in India, Switzerland and Germany and has been a board member of the East-West Center Association, a Hawaii-based think tank.  Featured on Page 42

DR. DEON CANYON, a professor at the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (DKI-APCSS), focuses on crisis management, biosecurity, the Pacific islands region and gray-zone gaming. His cross-disciplinary research concentrates on understanding, managing, controlling and preventing complex and dynamic security threats with innovative approaches. He has authored over 240 publications during his 29 years at  several Australian and U.S. universities and institutions, including DKI-APCSS.

DR. SEBASTIAN “BASS” KEVANY, a professor at DKI-APCSS, is a specialist in health security, health diplomacy, health as foreign policy, international relations, epidemics, pandemics and global public health. Within these realms, he is experienced in the fields of monitoring and evaluation, cost-effectiveness analysis, diplomacy, national and international security, conflict resolution, and the use of public health and epidemic control programs to prevent or resolve international conflict. He also has fieldwork experience from more than 100 missions to the Middle East and North Africa, the Pacific islands and Sub-Saharan Africa.  Featured on Page 60