Europe: EU and U.S. to Face PRC Together

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The United States and European Union need a shared understanding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to resist it, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in June 2020, calling Beijing a threat and accusing it of stealing European know-how to develop its economy.

Pompeo said he had accepted a proposal by EU Foreign Affairs Minister Josep Borrell to create a formal U.S.-EU dialogue on the PRC.

“There is a trans-Atlantic awakening to the truth of what’s happening,” Pompeo told a think tank event via video link. “This isn’t the United States confronting China, this is the world confronting China.”

Borrell had raised the idea of a U.S.-EU dialogue in a video call with Pompeo and EU foreign ministers. 

Two EU diplomats said the dialogue could be a forum for tackling issues such as how to combat what the West says is Chinese disinformation, rather than forging a common trade policy.

However, while the EU shares many of Washington’s concerns about what it says are predatory Chinese trade practices to dominate strategic industries, Brussels wants to tread a middle path between the PRC and the U.S.

The EU, the world’s biggest trading bloc, held talks with Chinese leaders in June 2020 and sees Beijing as a partner in fighting climate change as well as an economic rival.

Pompeo accused the PRC of stealing intellectual property in Europe and abusing the rules-based trading system, and said the EU needed to act against the PRC to protect its economies.

“They have access to our capital markets in ways we don’t have access to theirs,” he said of the PRC’s financial system.  Reuters

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