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In response to the Taiwan Cultural Memory Bank project, Taoyuan City has established a story collection station and sent a minivan across Taoyuan to collect and preserve local stories.

Initiated by the Ministry of Culture, the Taiwan Cultural Memory Bank project aims to reconstruct cultural memories and local knowledge, then preserve them through digital technology. With active engagement of local public and private sectors, the project hopes to establish a platform for saving content highlighting Taiwan cultures.

Located at Sianguang 2nd Village, the story collection station encourages the public to share their own stories on-site. The minivan, which is called the “Military Dependents’ Village Puncar,” also collects the public’s memories by visiting military dependents’ villages and veterans’ homes.

The field survey conducted in Taoyuan has discovered 105 characteristics of these villages. Information containing Google map location and old photographs of the villages is posted outside the station for the public to read and hear by scanning the QR code.

In addition, activities, such as a reality game featuring Matsu New Village, immersive theater and a cultural festival, were also held to introduce the history and cultural significance of the military dependents’ village.

The Taiwan Cultural Memory Bank collects stories and cultures, regardless of skills that have been passed on through generations or everyday life. Through this project, the Ministry of Culture hopes to piece together and preserve cultural landscapes and scenes of Taiwan.

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