Orphaned baby koala finds fluffy friend

Orphaned baby koala finds fluffy friend

An orphaned koala in Australia found solace cuddling a stuffed toy companion in the absence of his mother as he recovered from the trauma of her death.

Shayne’s mother was killed by a car in September 2016 in Queensland state as the 9-month-old clung to her back.

Rescuers found the joey had been thrown 20 meters down the road by the impact and was being chased by crows.

The baby was taken to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, run by the family of “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, where doctors said the marsupial was overcoming his terrifying ordeal with the help of a toy koala as he learns to be independent.

At the hospital, Shayne, his black button nose and bushy ears visible above the soft pink blanket he was swaddled in, clung onto the back of the toy koala as he might his real mother.

“It’s very fortunate that we had an observant rescuer who found Shayne and brought him into us because he wouldn’t have lasted even a day in the wild by himself at his young age — now he gets a second chance at life,” hospital director Rosie Booth said.  Agence France-Presse