The Philippines: Two-Crew Cockpit Rule Set

The Philippines: Two-Crew Cockpit Rule Set

The Philippines in April 2015 became the latest country to require two airline crew members in the cockpit at all times after the co-pilot of a German plane deliberately crashed it in March 2015.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines announced its decision after investigators concluded Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz intentionally smashed a flight into the French Alps after locking his colleague out of the cockpit. All 150 people on board died.

“For aircraft certified for two pilots, a flight crew-member, preferably male but not necessarily a pilot, shall be required to be inside the flight deck should one of the pilots leave the flight deck for personal reasons,” the regulation read.

The authority’s director-general, William Hotchkiss, said all air operators must revise their operations manuals to comply with the new regulation.

Many airlines worldwide have introduced a two-person rule since the March 24, 2015, tragedy.

French air crash investigators announced in April 2015 that information from the doomed plane’s flight data recorder had confirmed their earlier findings that the co-pilot acted deliberately.  Agence France-Presse